Why Us?

7 Reasons to Work with Julius Stewart Construction

When it comes to your home improvement or even commercial projects, like tenant improvements for apartments or condos, working with a general contractor will save you time, free you from a lot of hassle, and can even save you some money in the long run.

Think of a general contractor as your own personal project manager. Instead of you having to push the project along, gather the materials and find the subcontractors to bring your project to life (while managing your real day job and also living a life, your general contractor is hired to organize and execute your building or remodeling project – be it the addition of a second story or a kitchen remodel.  And your general contractor will manage all the subcontractors through every phase of your project to keep them on track; building on time, within your plan and on-budget.

  1. We Have Skills – Even if you’re a certified do-it-yourselfer, it’s good to realize when you shouldn’t attempt a project by yourself and that you should rely on a team of trusted construction professionals instead. We have years of experience building and remodeling homes, offices, and apartments. Whenever there’s a bump in the road, we have experience to figure out any problems and create timely solutions that are budget-friendly manner. And our work is always completed to code and complies with any necessary permits. Our experience will help us find solutions to any possible renovation challenges and to be mindful of any potential problems early in the project.
  2. We Save You Time + Stress – Having us to rely to manage your project and maintain a clean, efficient jobsite will mean fewer headaches for you. And we’ll coordinate every facet of your home renovation projects to minimize any downtime. From the idea phase to your new finished space, we’ll take care of all the arranging, coordinating and scheduling to get your project done in a timely manner.
  3. We Bring a Trusted Team to Your Project – We bring a trusted team to every project. And this team includes some of the best subcontractors around Seattle. Having worked with them on many home builds and remodel projects, we know first-hand that we can trust and rely on them to do great work. When you work with Julius Stewart Construction, we’ll provide everything to complete your project, from plumbing and electrical to carpentry and flooring specialists..
  4. We Can Save you money – We Can Save you money
  5. We’re Licensed & Insured – As your general contractor, we carry liability insurance. If anything does go wrong during your project, it will be covered. As a Seattle general contractor, we’re also licensed by Washington state board to ensure that we’re following all the rules and regulations applicable to your area.
  6. We Follow Code – By obtaining permits and filing necessary paperwork, we’ll decrease the time of your project, while making sure that your construction project meets the necessary regulatory standards and building codes.
  7. We’re Your Go-to Project Manager – As your personal project manager, we’re here to help you make your dream a reality. From the start to the finish, you can rely on us to turn your ideas, and wishes, into the great space you’ve been waiting for. And we’ll manage the timelines, organize the workers and make sure everything runs efficiently..

Home remodeling and new home construction takes time, effort and a lot of patience. And when you work with a general contractor like Julius Stewart Construction, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Whether it’s residential or commercial construction, we love working with clients and helping them turn their ideas into plans that ultimately create better spaces to live or work. Please give us a call or contact us online and let us know about your next project.

Our Approach

We value our client relationships as much as our outstanding craftsmanship.  Here is how we deliver on our promises:

  • Full transparency and collaboration throughout your project.
  • Brining current technology and tried and true theories and practices together.
  • Project management that keeps both us and you ahead of what’s next.

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