A Separate Space Just Out Your Backdoor

Many homeowners and property owners consider adding tiny, turn-key homes to their backyards for various reasons.  If you are one of those dreamers Seattle’s relaxed zoning laws may make it easier than ever for you to build a detached accessory dwelling unit, commonly referred to as a DADU.

Backyard Dream

A DADU is a highly versatile home addition because it provides many opportunities for homeowners to improve their lifestyles. 


Here are the top reasons we build DADUs for Homeowners.

    1. Additional living space: A DADU provides extra living space on your property for various purposes, such as a guest house, a home office, a rental unit, a gym, a yoga studio, small business headquarters. The need for additional living space, especially in the city, is a common problem a DADU can solve for many individuals and families.

      Increased property value: Adding a DADU can enhance the value of your property. It can attract potential buyers looking for additional living space or investment opportunities.

      Rental income: You can rent out the DADU and generate passive income. Extra money every month with minimal time expended can help offset mortgage payments, property taxes, or construction costs.

      Multigenerational living: A DADU allows for multigenerational living, enabling extended family members to live together while maintaining privacy and independence.

      Aging in place: If you plan to live on your property long-term, a DADU can offer a solution for aging in place. You can move into the DADU and rent out the primary residence or vice versa, allowing for downsizing while maintaining proximity to family or familiar surroundings.

      Sustainable living: Building a DADU allows for incorporating eco-friendly features and sustainable design principles. It can promote energy efficiency use of renewable materials, and reduce overall environmental impact.

      If you are considering the addition of a DADU to your eligible property, contact Julius Stewart Construction to build your new space. We would love to hear about your project and provide you with a competitive estimate!

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